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Westland Storage Road Map

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US WLS market

4Q 2017

  • Coverage of the entire US market

    Branches are opened across the US. Company growth reaches national level

  • Increase the number of employees to 600 people

    New jobs created for in-house experts. We’re becoming bigger and better.

  • Preparation for entering the world real estate market

    Working outside the US requires preparation and fulfilling certain conditions.

1Q 2018

  • Entering to the world real estate market

    Preparation stage is finished and the company enters the global market. We open up branches in eight countries.

  • The beginning of the idea of DiceLand technology

    The popularity of Blockchain technology opens up new opportunities. We begin discussing development

  • Organization of a team of specialists in blockchain

    Top Blockchain experts become employees of our company

  • Start of development of DiceLand technology

    DiceLand technology development begins. A team of 50 employees work on the project.


2Q 2018

  • Completion of development

    Development is completed. Until it can be used, DiceLand needs to be tested.

  • Testing of DiceLand technology

    We test DiceLand technology on the first real estate assets. We discover some issues and solve them.

  • Attracting customers

    We attract new clients from around the world with the help of our website, which allows us to grow.

  • Extensive expansion of the company

    Thanks to our new clients we can expand to new countries and continents.

  • Start of charitable activities

    We announce the beginning of our charity work. Every Monday we transfer a percentage of earnings to various charitable causes.

WLS in China

3Q 2018

  • Road Show in 5 major cities of China

    Trip to 5 major cities in China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shanghai) where we present at conferences. Search for new partners, clients, and specialists.

  • Level system processing

    We encourage loyal clients and top investors.

  • WLS Store (Tokens Selling)

    We start selling WLS tokens, which anybody can buy. Tokens are held in internal wallets.

WLS in Usa, China, Autralia

4Q 2018

  • Formation of sister companies’ in Australia, China and the USA

    Our sister companies’ allow us to extend our work on a government level to 2019. We prepare to launch the WLS City project.

  • New investment plans with increased profit

    As a result of 100% DiceLand technology integration we are able to increase each investor’s profits.

  • Launching of an internal exchange for the exchange of crypto-currencies

    Clients can exchange cryptocurrency right on our site. This will bring in new clients and increase growth

  • Connection of large payment systems

    We integrate payment gateways, large payment systems (PayPal, Visa/Mastercard) and local payment systems that are convenient for clients.

  • Introduction of long-term investment plans

    Thanks to the continuous growth of DiceLand technology, additional investment strategies become available.

Conference on the island of WestLand Storage
  • Conference on the island of WestLand Storage. Speech of the main persons of the company.

    We organize a conference on the island we bought. Our best clients get a free trip and our top executives give speeches at the conference.

  • WLS token entering to the exchange

    WLS tokens bought by our clients enter the exchange and become available for sale on OKEx, Bibox, HitBTC, Gate.io

  • Sponsorship of global blockchain conference

    We sponsor a global Blockchain conference where we look for new partners.

WLS city system

1Q 2019

  • The beginning of the construction of our own WLS technological park

    Industrial park construction is a vital part of the technology’s development. The industrial park will mostly work in AI, BD, ML, VR, AR, robotics.

  • WestLand Storage platform entering to the public Blockchain

    After the final testing phase we can finally release DiceLand technology on the public Blockchain.

  • Launching the WLS City system

    We launch a sister project dedicated to the recovery of illiquid real estate and the eventual sale and rent of those properties to small and middle-sized businesses. WLS provides the office space and our own software.

2Q 2019

  • WLS Social Programs

    We have the opportunity to help those in need. We begin construction of schools, hospitals, and other facilities where they’re needed most.

  • Implementation of technology at the Governmental level (China, USA, Australia)

    Cooperation with governments will allow the introduction of DiceLand technology at the national level


3Q-4Q 2019

  • Creation of a single IT platform for investment in real estate

    A decentralized investment program for the real estate markets in the US, China and Australia

  • IPO

    We issue shares on the Nasdaq stock exchange

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