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How to create
a Bitcoin wallet

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Step 1: Choose the platform

Go to the blockchain.info website and choose your preferred wallet - WEB, iOS or Android. If you choose a mobile version, download and open the application.

Create your wallet

Step 2: Enter
the required data

To create a Bitcoin wallet, enter your email address, set a good, strong password, agree to our terms of service and click "Continue".

Step 3: Your new Bitcoin wallet

Done! You've got the Bitcoin Wallet. We recommend you to visit the security section and save the wallet data in a safe place.

New user wallet

Step 4.1: How to buy Bitcoins via Coinbase

To buy Bitcoin, sign up on coinbase.com. After registration you will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin easily.


Step 4.2: Deposit Bitcoin via Changelly

To buy Bitcoin, sign up on changelly.com. Then choose the convenient way for you to buy Bitcoin and follow the instructions of the service.


Secure and multiply your investments

WestLand Storage Company invites you to invest your Bitcoin in real estate, increasing your profits and securing your funds.

How can I buy Bitcoins
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