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Meet Monero - The safest cryptocurrency

Meet Monero - The safest cryptocurrency

The website of our company is moving forward and developing, adding new functionality and improving all important aspects of the work, so that the clients of the company can comfortably and conveniently work with us. Today we are taking another important step to improve our company and add a new cryptocurrency, available for investment - Monero!

Monero is the safest cryptocurrency among others. It is built on its own algorithm based on the CryptoNote protocol and has a well-deserved reputation as the most anonymous cryptocurrency, because it is well ahead of the rest of the digital assets when it comes to the high degree of decentralization and confidentiality in the network.

A few months ago the Monero team announced the introduction of a new version of its protocol. The update will use the concept of "bulletproofs", developed by Benedikt Benz. The new protocol will improve the confidentiality of transactions, while providing a greater degree of scaling, faster inspection time and a significant reduction in fees.

To ensure that the implementation of the "bulletproofs" concept is on the right track, Monero representatives used the services of Kudelski Security to conduct a comprehensive safety assessment of the new protocol. The results of the analysis were quite positive. According to the report, only a few minor adverse outcomes were identified, and no discrepancies were found between the Java version and the C version for protocol integration.

More information about this you can read here - https://coinyoo.com/2018/07/16/privacy-coin-monero-successfully-completes-first-bulletproofs-audit/

And also we recommend that you follow the official Monero account on Twitter - https://twitter.com/monero/status/1018523174881890306

Although Monero is an interesting investment for cryptocurrency, we recommend that you not just store it on your wallet, but use it wisely! You can invest in real estate and receive daily income, thereby not only saving, but also multiplying your investments.


If you have any questions, just write to us and we will help you!

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