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My business model. How do I earn $1000 per month on real estate.

My business model. How do I earn $1000 per month on real estate.

"Hello, my name is Anand. I would like to tell you my story and share experiences that may be useful to other WestLand Storage customers. It's about how I started and what I did to get a monthly income of 1 thousand dollars.

I met with WestLand Storage when I was looking for a way to earn on the Internet without investments. Many of my friends spoke well about this company and I decided to try, besides it did not require anything from me, except a few clicks.

After reading the Bounty program of the company, I even thought for a second that it was too good to be true, but I decided to try it. I completed a few simple tasks, it took me 10 minutes to complete, so 100 WLS were on my account. A few days later I went to the site to check whether the money was being credited to the account, the money was really credited, I was glad of it and sent out an invitation to everyone I know, in the hope of getting even more WLS and the percentage of the profit on the affiliate program.

After waiting a few more days, I again visited the company's website, the numbers on the account were still growing, my friends joined me. I decided to study the site better and found out that the company offers to become their client and earn on investment in real estate. In my view, investing in real estate is expensive, long and difficult. But as it turned out, you can invest in real estate rather small amounts and make profit on a daily basis, and the company takes all the red tape. I decided to try it.

By investing 1 ETH I began to closely monitor my account, I was overwhelmed with excitement. Judging by the description of the company's work, I had to receive 1% of the profit from the amount of investments per day. It remained only to check.

And so the next day on my account there were already profit numbers. I was incredibly happy, and the realization, of how easy and fast it is possible to begin to receive high passive income, came to me. The desired monthly income for me was the sum of 1 thousand dollars, I decided to calculate how much I need to invest in order to receive such income. Given the changing course of the Crypto-currency, I decided to use the $463 ETH course as the basis, so to receive $1000 a month I needed to invest in real estate only 8 ETH.

I've had about 10 ETH in my savings and I decided to implement this scheme. I withdrew the profit already received, added a little from the reserve to it and invested another 7 ETH, adding them to the available 1 ETH I received the desired earnings! In addition, now I'm calm for the safety of my funds and I can be sure of a permanent salary to receive which I just need to withdraw from the account!

I hope that, thanks to my story, many as well as I will gain financial stability, because it is much easier to live knowing that your money is working for you.

I would like to say special gratitude to the support team of the company, they helped me to sort out all the questions and politely helped me in everything. So do not hesitate to write to them!

Thank you for your time, I hope you will succeed!
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