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Our company started in 2001 in Michigan. That is when Brandon and Brian Williams brothers leased their first space. And who could know that this would be the beginning of a long road that would lead them to the creation of an international company, WestLand Storage.

Then, the first profit was immediately directed to purchase more real estate. And so, within just a few years, the Williams brothers became owners of commercial real estate throughout the United States.

But this was only the beginning of the company's development. Since 2011, WLS has been buying up residential and commercial premises abroad, in South America, Europe and Asia. This was done not just so, but to move on to the next stage of the company's development, the technological revolution in the real estate world.

The company's specialists developed the DiceLand technology, which allows to minimize the investment threshold of entering the real estate market, and get rid of intermediaries and risks. To decentralize this technology, WestLand Storage will conduct an ICO, which will begin immediately after the preparatory stages.

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Now you can become an investor and get profit from the acquired real estate. WLS seeks to decentralize the real estate market.

As soon as the company's turnover reaches the required level, the platform will be released on the ICO.

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Working with WLS By yourself
Property Search
We find real estate for you
You have to search for real estate yourself
Work with documents
WLS staff has more than 400 specialists
Documents take time and effort
Search for tenants
Customers find us themselves
It takes a long time to find customers
Work all over the world
WLS operates in 27 countries
Difficulties when working with overseas property
Absence of risks
WLS Company guarantees profit
Working by yourself is always risks

Our team

Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd Chief Executive Officer

A message from our CEO

The real estate market today is conservative and only large companies can earn on it. Our task is to make this business open, simple and accessible to everyone, thanks to Blockchain and AI technologies. With DiceLand Technology, we solved this problem. And now every client of the company has the opportunity to make profit from investments in real estate. The real estate market will change forever soon.

m-boyd sign
John Goodman
John Goodman Head of Support Services
Bart Robbins
Bart Robbins Customer manager
Daniel Eastman
Daniel Eastman Customer manager
David Doermann
David Doermann Customer manager
Mark Polanski
Mark Polanski Customer manager
Jocelyn Reed
Jocelyn Reed Head of the Analytical group
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts Major Financial Director of the company
Madison Johnes
Madison Johnes A member of the Department of transnational communication
Angel Diaz
Angel Diaz DiceLand Technology Developer
Olivia Hayes
Olivia Hayes Call-center agent
Blake Ward
Blake Ward Expert for working with US clients
Olivia Berg
Olivia Berg Head of market analyst
Aidan Evans
Aidan Evans Technical Support Head Manager
Allison Martinez
Allison Martinez Investment Analyst
Dennis Helber
Dennis Helber Head of marketing in Germany

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